Stories published in 1846.

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"The Patch-Work Quilt"
An elderly Black woman's story of a patchwork quilt that was sewn during the thirty years she worked in the home of a White family.

Imelda of Bologna
In the Italian city of Bologna, a tragedy unites Imelda with her family’s enemy, the lord Boniface. The two fall in love, but are plotted against by Imelda’s brothers. While Imelda and Boniface plan their escape from danger, Imelda’s brothers plan…

The Little Mendicants
The narrator recounts a time in which her neighbor, Mrs. Devon, describes her charitable attention to local Irish Immigrants. While Mrs. Devon's charity is lauded, suspicion arises over the honesty of those she is serving. Questions form over the…

Look Before You Leap
A mother tells her daughters the story of a young woman who decided to marry an older man of whom she was fond but not passionately in love.

An Auction Sale
The narrator describes two auctions in which she took part, and reflects on friendship, buying, and selling.

New-Year's Day
A young man borrows money from his intended fiance's father and, after the stock market collapses, is estranged from her and family. Unbeknownst to the other, he works to repay her father, and she remains true to her love for him.

Varieties of Social Life in New York
The narrator, a self-described "old married man," compares and contrasts the entertainment offered in a single evening by a range of New Yorkers of different classes and ages.

Was it Providence?
The narrator provides several examples of people who died, and questions whether their deaths should be attributed to God's will or human actions.
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