This site, an ongoing work-in-progress, aims to be a comprehensive, searchable digital collection of the stories, tales, and sketches written by Catharine Maria Sedgwick (1789-1867) between 1822 and 1864. The majority of these works were first or exclusively published in 19th-century US periodicals. Some stories were only published in collections edited by Sedgwick, and are identified as such.

We are indebted for the bibliographic information initially used to compile the metadata for this site to the following source:

Damon-Bach, Lucinda; Roepsch, Allison; and Homestead, Melissa J., "Chronological Bibliography of the Works of Catharine Maria Sedgwick" (2002). Faculty Publications -- Department of English. Paper 119.  http://digitalcommons.unl.edu/englishfacpubs/119

We have also added and corrected bibliographic information based on our own notes and research.

Additions and corrections to the site are welcome.

Project Director and Editor :

Deborah Gussman, Professor of Literature, Stockton University

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Contributing Editor: 

Lucinda Damon Bach, Professor of English, Salem State University