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The Beauty of Soninberg. A Letter from Wiesbaden.
The narrator writes a letter describing her travels in Germany, and recounts a love story about a beautiful young woman in the town of Soninberg.

A Greek/Chian girl witnesses the destruction of her home/island as a consequence of the 1822 uprising against Turkish domination, and subsequently marries her English protector.

The Deformed Boy
A poor young boy, whose legs have been affected by rickets, attracts the attention and charity of kind friends due to his good humor and virtue.

Eighteen Hundred Thirty-Eight's Farewell
A visit from a mysterious old woman on New Year's eve leads a group of school girls to try a truth serum that enables them to see their faults and virtues on the flowers of a magical bush.

A young boy has a conversation with his mother in order to understand the meaning of skepticism.
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